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Working with Engagement Strategies

So what can you expect when you work with me?

Finding a consultant is a little bit like dating. You have to determine your requirements and talk to a lot of people to determine just the right fit.

Let's chat
Every good relationship begins with an informal introduction and a little chit chat. Beginning your relationship with Engagement Strategies is no different.

As a potential client, you are entitled to a free, no obligation two-hour initial consultation. We'll work together to determine your needs and you'll decide if I am the right person for your job. If we agree to move forward, I will provide you with a detailed proposal with costs for my services and any other related costs.

Time to get down to brass tacks
Many of my proposals require intensive background research are highly detailed. Large projects require proposals that range from 8-20 pages and often take several days to prepare. I frequently include proprietary ideas and competitive analysis that you can keep and use, even if you decide not to work with me. As a result, depending on the scope and breadth of the project, I may ask for an initial deposit to develop the proposal in order to defray the costs associated with developing the proposal. Less complex projects can often be quoted within a couple of days and will not require a deposit.

How do I determine the fees?
I determine fees based on the going local rate for consultants in each specialty area and an estimate of the number of hours I think will be needed to complete the work. There are elements of some projects that I will subcontract (for example, graphic design or web development) so I include the estimate of the subcontractor in my proposal?

So what is my rate?
I don't charge one hourly rate. I base my rate on the type of work I will be doing. For example, I typically charge $80-$90 per hour for social media strategy, and less per hour for social media implementation. It's pretty complex because I assess the local market for the going rate for every service I offer, and I try to provide the most affordable estimate possible.