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The Engagement Strategies Model: Webinar Production, Hosting, and Promotion

Our Webinar Services: A 25 step, 4 Week Plan for Every Webinar

You might wonder why you might contract with a consulting company to produce webinars when you can do them yourself.  After all, it seems pretty easy to conduct webinars.  Well, after a lot of practice, it can be pretty straight forward to conduct a webinar, but it really is far more complicated to produce and host professional-quality webinars complete with pre-session, on-air, and post-session responsibilities. As a matter of fact, what you do before and after the webinar is often as important as the event itself. The worst thing you can do is to allow an unprofessional session blow your chances to impress your target audience and overshadow your good work. That's why Engagement Strategies has developed a 25 step, 4 week system that we use for every webinar we produce.

You also probably want to make sure webinars work for your organization before you invest in a year-long contract with a webinar vendor. Engagement Strategies has the software, the internal capacity, and the hardware to conduct webinars for up to 1,000 participants. We use our license to deliver webinars for our clients, and it is built into the price of every agreement.

4 Weeks to Produce a Webinar?

Well, certainly, webinars can be conducted within minutes. People do it every day. But if you are new to webinar production, and you are planning to use them to for marketing, outreach, fundraising, or other purposes to engage new people in your target audience, you will need a lot of lead time to market the sessions effectively, plan, and practice your session so that it is delivered perfectly. When you work with Engagement Strategies, we will complete every step in our 25 step process, even if it is on an expedited timeline. We will also teach you how to follow our system on your own after our engagement concludes. Without completely divulging our proprietary system, here's more about what you can expect from us:

Before the webinar, Engagement Strategies will work with you to:
  • develop a plan specific to your organization's needs, using our system for every step of the process.
  • set up the session or sessions in the online system.
  • plan and execute effective marketing or outreach plans to ensure the people with whom you want to connect are registered for the webinar or the webinar series.
  • provide you with guidelines for your presentation, provide you with feedback to optimize the content for online presentation, and practice with you several times. 
  • provide training to any panelists or staff members you would like to be involved in the webinar or the pre- and post-session responsibilities.
  • ensure you and your team have the right equipment to use the system effectively.
During the webinar, our expert webinar hosts and support staff members will:
  • welcome the attendees, provide an overview of how to use the system, introduce you and your panelists and manage the questions and any technical problems throughout the session.
  • conclude the session and encourage participants to complete the follow up survey.
  • record the session.
After the webinar, we will:
  • upload the recording of your session and provide you with a link to share.
  • gather and analyze the data that the system has collected about the attendees and provide you with a report to help you make strategic decisions going forward. We will also provide you with  the raw data for your mailing lists and other internal processes.
  • send a follow-up email to the participants that includes the link to the recording.
  • execute any additional follow-up communications as per the plan we developed.
You will be responsible for:
  • creation of the content for the presentation.
  • organizing the panelists and staff members.
  • executing the marketing plan, unless it has been built into the cost of your agreement.
  • the cost of toll-free calling options, if it is required.
  • providing materials to Engagement Strategies for optimization.
  • attending and participating in practice sessions.

Engagement Strategies Webinar Services Pricing

The cost for our Webinar Services is variable, depending on your specific needs. We determine the fees for your sessions based on the number of attendees, the number of panelists, the number of sessions for which you contract, and amount of pre-session promotion Engagement Strategies will conduct on behalf of the client. Other services can be woven into the agreement at a separate cost.
  • Typical costs for 1 -3 webinars range from $800 to $1,695 per webinar.
  • 3 - 6 sessions range from $750 to $1,595 per session.
  • 6 or more sessions range from $700 to $1,495 per session.
Remember, it is our goal to provide you and your staff with the training needed to select your webinar software and conduct webinars independently. We always make training our clients among the highest priorities.

Business Case Study:Early Childhood Investigations Webinars- ECI
Are you looking for an example of what webinars can do for your organization? Check out my own webinar series, ECI Webinars. (New site to be launched in January, 2010!) Data about the series coming soon.