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ESbyFS Webinar Resources

Are you interested in conducting webinars? Check out the following links.
Webinar Recording
A Newbie's Recipe for Producing and Presenting Webinars
Link to the Recording of A Newbie 
Recipe for Producing and Presenting Webinars
Link to the Recording

Slides from the 6/16/10 Presentation
Download the slides From a 
Newbie's Recipe for Producing and Presenting Webinars
Link to download the slides


Conducting Webinars to Engage: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly
on my blog, 140+: In the Moment

Many links to great articles and whitepapers about webinars on my Delicious channel.

Presentation Skills
A great video about Steve Jobs' presentation techniques

An amazing blog by Olivia Mitchell from New Zealand, Speaking about Presenting. A fantastic resource with lots of additional links.

Webinars for your professional development (Great for considering and comparing pricing strategies for conducting webinars for revenue generation.)

Nonprofit Marketing, social media, fundraising and other Nonprofit topics:
Kivi Leroux Miller's Nonprofit Marketing Guide
Heather Mansfield's Nonprofit Webinar series

        Nonprofit Technology Webinars:
NTEN Webinars
Idealware Webinars

General Marketing webinars:
MarketingProfs (expensive, but worth it!)
Hubspot's Internet Marketing Series (Free, but good!)