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Twitter Tips and Tricks

Don't give up on Twitter!

Here are a few resources to help you get started and then move beyond the basic feed....


Twitter Basics on The Twitter Help Center

Twitter in Plain English by CommonCraft (Evaluation version)

The Twitter Blog

Moving on to enrich your experience:

26 Keys to Twitter Success on Social Media Explorer

Cross-pollinating with Hashtags on Twitter on my blog

Twitter for #ECE? Let me Count The Ways! on my blog

A few great Twitter tools

Tools that make Twitter easier, faster, and more logical (And they are free!)

Tweeting Tools:
These tools are desktop systems that you can use to manage your tweets. All have similar features and functionality. Just use the one you prefer.




Twitter Directories
How do you know who to follow? Find people who tweet about issues and ideas that interest you through Twitter Directories. You can also add yourself so people will follow you.




Hashtag Directories



Manage Friends and Followers on Twitter
It's important to keep your followers and the people you are following clean and up to date. Hint: Never try tools that promise to deliver thousands of followers automatically. You must be selective about who you follow and who follows you. It's about quality, not quantity!

You can learn more and manage your followers using these tools.