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Social Media Resources, Links, and Information

Social Media: There's nothing to fear! (I promise!)

Are you little intimidated by all of the weird terms and concepts you've heard so much about? Don't worry, social media is in its infancy, and we are all learning... some of us have a bit more experience, but we were all newbies once. Relax! Here is a smattering of great resources that will help you understand the basics.


(Do not pass GO... Start here!) CommonCraft Videos

The absolute easiest, most user-friendly, and basic source of information that is delivered through entertaining video is CommonCraft. The folks at CommonCraft develop and deliver outstanding videos intended to make the most complex concepts simple and interesting. They sell their ...In Plain English series of videos to trainers and large corporations, but they make them available for non-commercial use on owner Lee Lefever's CommonCraft channel on YouTube. (Wait, I might be losing you with channels on YouTube. We'll get there, but for now, just click on the links!)

A few of my favorite ComonCraft Videos:
There are many more on the CommonCraft channel  on YouTube.

Articles and Webinars
From Joanne Fritz' excellent Non-Profit Guide on About.com (a great resource for all things nonprofit, not just Social Media): 12 Tips for Nonprofits on Getting Started with Social Media

You'll find a lot of Social Media articles in the Social Networking section of Network for Good's Learning Center, Fundraising123

NTEN Artcles - Articles from the Nonprofit Technology Network
NTEN Webinars-  Affordable webinars from NTEN

This article on Social Media Today clearly outlines what to look for in a social media consultant or staff member. This piece might as well be my list of core values.
12 Steps To Hiring A Social Media Manager

Blogs that often include offer information on Social Media for Nonprofit Organizations (but would be great reading even if your business is not nonprofit)
My Social Media Bookmarks on Delicious

Organizations that offer articles and training on Social Media for Nonprofit Organizations (but would be great reading even if your business is not nonprofit)

Books, CDs, DVDs

I'm On Linkedin-- Now What? by Jason Alba

Guides and Whitepapers

So You Think You Are Too Old for Social Media? Not So Fast!