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Resources For Newbies

Social Media

There's nothing to fear! (I promise!)
Are you little intimidated by all of the unfamiliar social media terms and concepts you've heard so much about? Don't worry, social media is in its infancy, and we are all learning... some of us have a bit more experience, but we were all newbies once. Relax! Here are some resources that will help you understand the basics.

Have you ever wondered how organizations get donors to give online? Does online fundraising feel like a puzzle with a missing piece? Take a  look at how all the pieces work together.

You've heard the hype. You've attended a few. Now you are thinking of producing and presenting webinars yourself! Check out the services and resources here on ESbyFS.com.

Social Media for Early Childhood Education
If you are an Early Childhood Educator or you work for an organization that provides services to the field, you are probably wondering how social media can help your organization. Learn more from my presentation at the NAEYC Professional Development Institute in 2010.

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