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News from ESbyFS | January, 2010

New Article:
What is Your Social Media Personality? How it helps or hinders networking implementation and success
by Fran Simon and Chip Donohue
Child Care Information Exchange, January/February 2011

I'd like to offer a personal note of thanks to Chip Donohue for inviting me to co-author this article. Chip's mentorship and encouragement has been invaluable and fun! Thanks, Chip!

What is Your Social Media Personality by Chip Donohue and Fran Simon in Exchange

Email Connections from ESbyFS
January, 2011
New Year News from Engagement Strategies, LLC.
...Like A Box of Chocolates
A new year is like a box of chocolates
Who ever thought I would have reason to quote Forrest Gump? But, it's true: You never know what surprises await. The past year was, in fact, an interesting journey for me and for Engagement Strategies. The new year is queued up to bring more interesting twists.

The chocolate nuggets of 2010
Nine short months ago, Engagement Strategies launched full force. Those nine months brought new relationships and ventures including my work with clients Robert-Leslie Publishing, iActive Learning, and Mailing Lists, Inc. I also launched Early Childhood Investigations, a webinar series for early childhood educators, and I presented sessions about social media at the Professional Development Institute of NAEYC, and at the OCCRRA conference. Megan Torpey and Rachel Deavers joined the ESbyFS team.

A sampler of what's to come in 2011
I'm pleased to announce our plans for 2011 include a brand-new site for an expanded series of 12 webinars in the Early Childhood Investigations Series. I'm also pleased to announce that in addition to the comprehensive inbound marketing services I offer, I'm now offering webinar production packages to help businesses and nonprofits build thought leadership and generate leads. I'm also working with a group of talented developers, publishers, and early childhood subject matter specialists to explore the future of apps and cloud computing for early educators. 

I'm eager to continue exploring the boundaries of the practical applications of social media and technology for advocacy, small business development, and publishing. I hope you join me to take a bite out of every chocolate in the box.

Check out our new site for Early Childhood Investigations Webinars