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Marketing Solutions

You need people to engage with you, and they need something you have to offer. You rely on attracting people to your business for all types of reasons, including:

* selling services

* fundraising

* program delivery

* volunteer recruitment

* membership

* staff recruitment

* enrollment

* selling products

* advocacy

* grant development

* relationship building

* conferences

* board recruitment


Marketing, outreach, engagement, promotion, advertising, communications.....

No matter what you call it, it means getting the word out to the people to whom your organization needs to communicate, attracting them to your business, and encouraging  transactions between them and you.

In most organizations, marketing cuts across many aspects of the business. The bottom line is that you have to sell your organization, and your services or products to at least one audience, but often times to many audiences for different purposes. Marketing is not just about selling. It is about transactional relationships that are the lifeblood of your business.

 What do you do to get customers, donors, activists, constituents, or your target audience to transact with you?

 Whether your organization needs help from strategy to execution, I'm here to help. I can develop an overall strategy, conduct market research, plan a specific campaigns, or engage in a ongoing relationship in which your entire marketing effort is executed through my resources and network of subcontractors.

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