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EC Technology Collaborative

Early Chilhood Tech Collaborative | Surveys

Early Childhood Technology Collaborative

The Early Childhood Technology Collaborative (ECTC).  ECTC is a group of three early childhood technologists with lots of questions: Lilla Dale McManis, Ph.D. from Hatch Early LearningKaren Nemeth, Ed.M. from Language Castle, and Fran Simon, M.Ed. from Engagement Strategies.

Over the past several years, collectively and independently, we have researched and written about the use of technology in early childhood programs. As a result of our work, we’ve encountered many questions about how the proliferation of technology tools is impacting early learning classrooms and programs.  We have launched this collaborative to gather information on particular focus areas that have not been addressed in the current literature or collected in other recent surveys.  We want to use the data to describe more fully how technology is being used in the early childhood education field and how educators feel about it.

The objective of the Collaborative is to design and analyze the results of a series of brief surveys and develop and disseminate reports and whitepapers to inform our work and the field as a whole. You can read more about the launch of the survey here.

The Surveys

Because we know you are busy, we have designed this project as a series of several brief questionnaires that will only take about 15 minutes each to complete. We will release the surveys over the next several months and invite teachers and administrators in early childhood settings to participate. In exchange for your participation, we will share the results with you.  We will make the findings available in reports and white papers that we publish online and by email.  By joining our email list (you will be invited at the end of the survey), you will be among the first to receive the information. Or you can choose to remain anonymous and read the results as they are published on various websites and in journals.

 Survey 1

Early Childhood Technology Today Survey, 2012

This first questionnaire is an overview of the technology tools you have or do not have in your program and how you use these with children ages 2 through primary grades. We also ask you to tell us what questions you would like to see addressed in future surveys because our goal is to provide information that is most useful to the field at large. Please take a few moments to complete this survey. Thank you for your interest and your help!

Take the early childhood technology survey

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