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Customized webinars for professional development

Engagement Strategies' custom webinarsWouldn't it be great to use online meetings and workshops to deliver in-depth, customized professional development tailored specifically to the needs of your audiences?

Engagement Strategies, the producer of Early Childhood Investigations, can help you use webinars for professional development and ongoing coaching and mentoring to save money and time.  We offer services to:

  • trainers and consultants who would like to:
    • help their clients meet their training needs within their budgets and without travel.
    • offer ongoing remote coaching and mentoring.
    • extend the learning experiences offered in their live training by offering remote follow up meetings.
  • businesses and organizations that:
    • need to be matched with national trainers who can deliver customized professional development using webinars.
    • have already identified trainers or consultants, and would like to arrange for them to deliver their training online to save money and time.
    • need to offer training to staff who can't all be in the same place at the same time.
    • want to offer ongoing coaching and mentoring to staff members who are located elsewhere.
  • businesses and consultants who want to save money, reduce travel time, and make ongoing professional development accessible.

Every professional development contract is different, but the average cost for the webinar service (not including the trainer's fees) is between $85 - $125  per training hour, depending on the needs of the organization. When compared with the cost of travel, accommodations,  travel time, and other related costs, the fees offer significant savings.

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