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About ES by FS

The ESbyFS Difference: Replicable and Sustainable Marketing and Business Processes
What makes ESbyFS different is my interest in helping your organization develop the strategies to succeed and then move on with the ability to sustain continued growth on its own. In other words, I want to help you be so successful, you don't need me any more! (But, if you prefer to have a long-term strategic partner by your side, I'm happy to do that, too!)

Your Partner and Your Champion

I formed Engagement Strategies because I know how hard it is t for smaller companies, consultants, and nonprofits to find the money,  time, and expertise to invest in marketing. As I developed my own business plan, I concentrated on my natural inclination to champion causes and underdogs-- the organizations and people who do great work, but need help promoting and selling. Most of all, I want to build a company that works side-by-side with clients so that they either become so successful, they can hire a marketing team, or so skilled they can do it themselves. It sounds crazy, but my real measure of success is to become obsolete to my clients.

Chief Engagement Officer? Yes, that's my oddball title.  It means I better be driven to connect people to each other and to the solutions and the people they need to succeed. It means I must be authentic and know how to build trust. And, it means I better deliver impressive results for my clients so they are engaged with their customers, constituents, donors, and clients!

What's so special about me?

As a former nonprofit administrator, marketing executive, SaaS product development and management  professional, and professional advocate, I know your challenges.  I offer my experience, creativity and ability to see challenges with 360 degree perspective. I offer passion and innovation to help your company grow. I also offer you access to a broad network of specialists and consultants who can work with me to deliver results for your business.

My core competency is my ability to relate to your challenges based on 25 years of professional experience in:
  • Industries:
    • Publishing- B2B and B2G
    • Education market
    • National nonprofit advocacy and membership organizations
    • Local nonprofit organizations
    • Early care and education administration and management
  • Providing services with these competencies:
    • Webinar production, hosting, and promotion
    • B2B business management
    • Marketing (integrated, e-marketing, social media)
    • SaaS recurring revenue systems - Development and Management
    • Curriculum and assessment product management
    • Internet product development and management
    • Lead generation
    • Webinar production
    • Online advocacy, marketing, outreach, and fundraising
    • Business applications of social media
    • Training and presentations on social media, emarketing, lead generation, webinar production, child care administration and management
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Fran Simon
Chief Engagement Officer

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